Starlight Academy Double Drama at Starlight Academy

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Starlight Academy is a performing-arts boarding school, where girls follow their passion for dance, music or drama in a fairytale castle by the sea. But in order to succeed, they must conform to the school’s neat, orderly environment. Ballet dancer Cassie March is a free-spirit, who finds it difficult to conform to the stifling world of rules and regulations.

Each book in the series focuses on dancers, singers or actors, culminating in a major production.

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Publishing Details

Starlight Academy (Book 1)
ISBN: 978 1 85714 421 5

Double Drama at Starlight Academy (Book 2)
ISBN: 978 1 85714 422 2

Author: Jess Renison

Pub date: October 2013

Age range: 8+

Format: Pbk 198 x 130mm

Extent: Each 144pp

Price: Each £7.99