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Starlight Academy is a performing-arts boarding school by the sea, where girls follow their passion for dance, music or drama in a neat, orderly environment.

Ballet dancer Cassie March is a free-spirit, who finds it difficult to conform to the stifling world of rules and regulations.

Jess Renison

Jess Renison

Jess Renison lives in Bath with her husband and children. She studied English at London University and worked in publishing before becoming an English teacher.

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Mysteries at Starlight Academy (Book 3) Launch

Mysteries at Starlight Academy will be launched at Toppings on Saturday 18th October 2014.

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Double Drama at Starlight Academy (Book 2)

This term it’s a performance of As You Like it and Bella is offered the lead role. But their teacher Miss Flanders is replaced by a smart New Yorker who targets Abigail for the big part.

Abigail is big-headed and full of herself and no one can work with her. Cassie has a plan for an alternative parallel production which they can all join in. But can they make it work in time?

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Double Drama at Starlight Academy
Starlight Academy

Starlight Academy (Book 1)

As the end of term production of The Nutcracker approaches, Cassie finds herself pitched against Tara Davenport, the school’s most talented dancer. She is determined to land the leading role, and she could be in with a chance - if only she could just stay out of trouble.

Will her best friend – law-abiding but scatty Flo – manage to pull her into line? And will her secret dream ever come true?

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